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I was born and raised in Kenya.  I am blessed with a great family, wonderful siblings and great parents that always instilled in us the need to work hard and be able to be proud of our accomplishments at the end of the day.  In return for all they have given to me and my siblings over the years, I would like to someday build them that house that I have always dreamt for them as well as help them out more financially.

I moved to the USA in the late 90s to pursue a college degree with an interest in the sciences.   Life in the US was different, but I soon grew accustomed to it and  focused on my studies and keeping the scholarship that I had attained.

Following my graduation I worked in a number of non-degree related jobs, before eventually getting a job in my field of study, Chemistry. I was glad for all the jobs worked along the way including service in the United States Military – Army.  Being an army chick taught me a lot about self-discipline and pushing myself.  I eventually moved from the south to the mid-west (or is it west?  Some swear that Colorado is in the west and not mid-west, but I digress…) in continued pursuit for career and personal growth.  I currently work a full-time job with a great company as a scientist, a job that I enjoy as it adds variety to my life and allows me to master a number of transferable skills, useful for life as a newbie landlord.

Part of my childhood dream was to become an entrepreneur.  I tried a number of different,  business ventures and finally decided to try my hand at real estate  investment with a focus on rental property.  The goal is to  increase my investment flexibility as well as create an appropriate bridge from a greater reliance on equities to a larger exposure to fixed income, as I get older and retirement increasingly becomes more of a reality.

Newbie Landlord/Real Estate Investor: How the Journey Began

The purpose of this blog is to document my journey in owning and managing my first real estate property as well as the journey in building my real estate portfolio.  Through this blog I hope to both share and learn from those that have been through the journey that I am embarking on as a newbie property owner and landlord.

I look forward to you joining me on this journey as I build my confidence, experience and knowledge in owning and managing rental property.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional writer so I apologize in advance for items that may not be grammatically correct.  My goal is to share my story in a more “freestyle” writing style, without too much   focus on grammar.