Dear Diary – 01/09/16: Subcontractors – Time to Narrow down the list, ooh and squirrels.

I made the choice to manage my own property rather than seek a  property management company for this, both to save some money as a newbie starting out with limited income as well as to better learn the process so that I know what to look for in a property management company when I grow my portfolio to where I eventually need the help.   There are tasks however that I cannot do on my own and previous attempts to do so have shown that there is a negative impact to my time.  I have therefore decided to delegate tasks that I cannot personally do due to lack of experience/tools or time:  Tree Trimming/Care and routine lawn care and maintenance.

Landscaping_3Backyard:  Some leaf raking required


Backyard:  With winter here, lawn care/maintenance is suspended until the Spring.

I received a number of quotes and have to start looking though those this weekend in order to make a final decision on which company to go with.  I am looking for a reputable company with great reviews, license, insured and fairly reasonable in pricing.  I will provide update on this once a decision is made at the end of this weekend.


I struggle with this one because they are sooooo adorable, but can be a nightmare to any homeowner with trees in their yard.  They will chew at the tree barks often causing significant damage to trees particularly when food is scarce.  They also will chew at any wires/cables and my neighbor had to get the cable repair guy out to fix her cable only for them to discover that squirrels had chewed through it.  To protect the trees, some say to wrap metal sheets around the tree.  I was driving around and happened to see this in a yard (see below).

Squirrels out_2

Metal sheets placed around tree trunks to help keep squirrels from climbing trees.

So I am considering doing the same to help protect the trees on our property.  Will keep you posted!

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