Dear Diary – 01/14/16: Finding the right accountant for my Real Estate Business

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Tax Season is here (gasp!)

What should my accountant be able to do?  According to research, 4 things are key:

    1. Find and leverage as many tax advantages as possible (of which there are MANY for real estate investors).
    2. Follow the legalities of our ever-changing tax code.
    3. Keep track of your ongoing business transactions.
    4. Stay organized, using a financial record-keeping system that makes sense.

Seth Williams in his REtipster article, “Finding The Right Accountant For Your Real Estate Business” provides a list of great questions to use in interviewing a real estate accountant for your business.   I have used his list of questions with great success and happy to report that I just may have found the right EA/CPA for my business.

To see the list of questions, reference the article by Seth Williams: Finding The Right Accountant For Your Real Estate Business

I believe there may be plenty of other great resources out there, however for me, I found that Seth’s article provided the basics of what I needed so I decided to stop there.


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