Dear Diary – 02/15/16: Upcoming Events/Webinars I will Be Attending


I am super excited by a recent email that I received from Carol Guzman on classes that may be helpful to me as a newbie landlord/real estate investor. I truly feel blessed to have this lady in my life both as a friend and my real estate agent.  We started a journey together when I was looking to buy my first real estate investment property and ever since she has continued to look out for me.  I consider her my “real estate guardian angel” here on earth as I work my way through this journey that can have and has had its ups and downs.  Thank you very much Carol!  You are special to me and your mentorship is truly appreciated.  The email from Carol gave me the idea of creating an “Upcoming Events/Webinars I will be attending” section on my blog. I will update this section as I find events and webinars that may be useful to attend.

Event Title Date Time1 Presenter Source2 Status Update
Top Ten Mistakes Landlords Make – And How to Avoid Them 02/16/2016 10am to 12pm Kevin Mackessy Carol Guzman I really wanted to be able to make this one but have a conflicting work meeting and hope that perhaps this class will be held again at a future date. I am bummed out! 🙁
Rental Property Tour 02/20/2016 9am to 11am Lon Welsh Carol Guzman
Understanding Economics of Rental Units 02/23/2016 12:30p.m. – 1:30p.m. Lon Welsh Carol Guzman

Notes: 1In order to minimize impact to work, I am trying to opt for those that are around my lunch break and or weekends (the latter preferred). 2How I learned about this event.


  1. Top Ten Mistakes Landlords Make – And How to Avoid Them

“This power-packed class is sponsored by First Alliance Title and presented by Kevin Mackessy, broker-owner at Blue Olive Properties, a full-service property management and real estate company. You will learn how to avoid costly mistakes in dealing with tracking and dispersing funds, maintaining financial records, following Fair Housing and Habitability laws, conducting rental inspections, deferring maintenance and repairs, managing the tenant relationship, screening and selecting tenants, and setting rental rates. Discover how to build a strong support network while recognizing the true value of your time and sanity. Mr. Mackessy will share his sweeping knowledge of the Denver rental and investment markets, so don’t miss this opportunity to get your questions answered by a seasoned investor and certified property management expert, with over $85,000,000 worth of investment properties under management, and a personal real estate portfolio worth nearly $4m, with $2.3m in equity.”

2.  Rental Property Tour

“Lon Welsh has been a landlord for sixteen years and has 65 rental units. On this tour, we’ll visit at least two properties. We’ll show what an “average” condition unit looks like and what it rents for, and what a newly remodeled “above average” unit looks like a rents for. We’ll review the historical financials and look at the financial projections to see what sort of return you can get a rental rehab project. The property manager will be there to answer any management or tenant questions you might have. We can also discuss financing options for this type of project.” Group will be led by Lon Welsh, Director of Business Development for First Alliance Title COST:  FREE *Starting location will be emailed to registrants.

3.  Understanding Economics of Rental Units

“This class is part of First Alliance Title’s “Investor Series,” a curriculum designed to provide practical training for Colorado real estate investors and real estate brokers who work with Investors. In this class we discuss the rental profit and loss model, how to negotiate a good deal, how to increase cash flow, review the latest rent and vacancy trends by neighborhood and discuss any other rental-related questions you might have. This is a great chance to learn rental unit financials from an investor who owns 60+ units in Denver Metro. This class has 1 CE credit.”

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary – 02/15/16: Upcoming Events/Webinars I will Be Attending”

  1. Currently out today, Saturday 2/20/16 attending rental property tours with Lon Welsh as part of a class for real estate investors. Great info for a newbie landlord such as myself. Though now I think I lost the group! 🙁 I believe they gave instructions on the next two addresses that the group would be meeting at, but have I been waiting a while and no one showed!:( maybe they said to meet next week? There is also no agenda and/or contact number to call so just going to head home :(. It started off so well and I was eager to see the rest of the properties but maybe I got the instructions wrong. Would be nice for them to print out agendas to hand out with the maps for the next tour as well as provide a contact number for people to use especially since everyone is riding separately. Alternatively bus everyone, but that can get expensive. Good info from the little I managed to get before loosing the class. Keep up the good work Lon! 🙂 (Tours were scheduled for 9am to 11am)

  2. 03/10/16: Just finished watching a Bigger Pockets Webinar by Brandon – How to Quit Your Job through the Power or Real Estate Investing. I must say the information was great BUT I am not yet ready to quit my job and in all honesty see myself in my current job for years to come. Real estate investment is a great path, but it is one that has to be approached with caution and definitely without rushing. I know that at the moment my goal is to focus on my new role at the current company and that is where my heart is at the moment as I work to learn all I can about this new position. I am excited about it and what it has to offer and will continue to give my best as I work to discover what else the future holds for me.

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