Dear Diary – 02/20/16: DIY project update for the week (check back for on-going updates).

Why do people undertake Do-IT-Yourself (DIY) projects?

  • To save Money?
  • To do it right? No one cares more about your property/Home than you.
  • To improve their problem solving abilities and empower their dreams?
  • To gain new skills/knowledged? DIY projects allow one to find an exhilarating sense of freedom through the new skills and confidence they have cultivated, a quality that spreads to all areas of life.
  • To uncover their natural talents, helping point them towards what they value and are passionate about. DIY-ing is a revealing way to find out what matters most. DIY projects offer a great way to express one’s personality.
  • To keep their minds and bodies active? Working with your hands is an easy, natural way to get your heart rate up—and who doesn’t love that empowering feeling of creating something on your own?

The list continues.

Project List

Project # Project Title Anticipated Start Date Target Completion Date Updates*
1 Repairing Broken Timber Fence Posts 02/20/2016 03/05/2016 latest 03/12/2016

Notes: *See update details below on listed dates.

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